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About Us

mSELL is a Manacle Technologies Pvt Ltd Product

Manacle Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Delhi based software development company providing customized software solutions to the organizations. Its proven credentials and commitment to quality services give Manacle an edge over the others in meeting IT and Software demands of the clients.

We, at Manacle Technologies Pvt Ltd value customer satisfaction and our dedicated team of Software developer always strives to maintain it.

Our software solutions are widely used in the manufacturing, FMCG, Pharma, Dairy and Healthcare Industries supporting them in automation of their process. Over the time we have developed expertise in digitalizing the sales and sales force monitoring processes through our application mSELL. Manacle Technologies Pvt Ltd takes pride in serving New Delhi Municipal Corporation through its application mCIVIC. mCIVIC fully automates citizen relationship management processes of municipalities. mEDU solution digitalizes entire processes of educational institutions (schools & Colleges).

Manacle believes in bringing in productive change in the client companies constantly by providing software tools that help companies in making best use of their resources.

Manacle ensures that the tools and software developed are user friendly, easy to operate on multiple devices and cost effective.

Manacle Technologies Pvt Ltd - mSELL ”

A Software to grow your Business Exponentially

What mSELL Does?

“mSELL solution”, a combination of mobile application & web interface aims on maximizing productivity of the software through re-engineering of the sales process by brining entire sales force deployed in the far-flung areas on ‘one page’.

The mSELL HRM Module application enables online attendance marking, tracks field force, manages their leaves & salary on a click. Sales force activities tour planning & merchandising is also maintained on mSELL.

mSELL order booking mechanizes entire order & related sales process.

mSELL retailer application automates retail orders, product schemes, billing and payments.

mSELL Enables salesmen to enroll new outlets that improves client coverage and outreach of the sales force.

mSELL DMS Solution manages all sales affairs related to distributors.

mSELL MIS Solution displays analytical dashboards that enables the user company managements to do predictive and prescriptive analyses.

mSELL Streamlines processes & controls that increases the operational efficiency and capacity utilization of resources deployed, resulting in increased profitability.

A package of all the modules in mSELL is an ‘ALL IN ONE’ enterprises solution for total sales force management. With its ability to work offline and cross platform compatibility, mSELL enables its user companies to multiply their business many folds through efficient and effective management of their sales operations mechanically with IT enabled solution.

  • Single Click process for the Leave Management, Attendance and Salary Generation and Tours & Travel expense Generation.
  • Order Management module takes care of Order booking Process through the mobile application in online and offline mode.
  • Dashboards for Quick review of primary and secondary sales data that enables forecasting.
  • Get visibility of stock positions at retailer points to take informed decisions.
  • Enables salesmen to enroll new outlets and improves client coverage and outreach.
  • Streamlines processes & controls that increases operational efficiency and capacity utilization of resources deployed resulting in increased profitability.