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Do you want to free up your time to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of just managing them?

mSELL is an advanced Sales Force Automation Software that helps you automate your sales activities with ease Salesforce automation, empowers your sales team with quick, real-time updates on opportunities, tasks, and negotiations anytime, anywhere. 100% mobile compatible, Get up-to-date access on your mobile device for meeting updates, important announcements, and more.Cloud-based solution, Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based solution with data stored securely in the cloud at all times. We provide an easy-to-use interface which is designed to make the process of tracking, analyzing and reporting on your sales data seamless. And with our analytics dashboard, you can easily see what’s changing in your business and where you need to make adjustments to optimize success cost Effectiveness.

Why You Should Be Tracking Sales Activity

Imagine this: You're busy with a meeting and your customer service team gets a call from a customer who needs help with an order.

Do you know when your customers are happy and when they're not? The best way to find out is by tracking their sales activity.With Sales Activity Tracking, your customer service team will receive notifications on Slack or email whenever there's an order processed, updated, or completed. That means no more missed opportunities to help your customers! Sales activity is a great way to grow and maintain a healthy business. For instance, it has been shown that sales reps who track their activities are more successful than those that don't. Sales activity is a great way to grow and maintain a healthy business. For instance, it has been shown that sales reps who track their activities are more successful than those that don't.

Sales Activity For Companies

mSELL is a powerful sales management platform that analyzes your sales team's performance, tracks their performance by the day, week, or month. Boost your lead generation with these features of mSELL, automatically track new leads and follow up with them on the phone to convert them into customers, Increase your revenue with these features of mSELL, Analyze trends in your company's performance over time to identify obstacles and opportunities for improvement. Discover your company's true sales potential:-You're about to discover your company's true sales potential. mSELL is a completely automate and easy-to-use tool that lets you track your daily, monthly and yearly sales activity to stay on top of the game. Free, easy to use, and reliable. Fully customizable dashboard, that dashboard is yours! mSELL lets you customize your dashboard to suit your needs with features like product graphs, sales reports, summary reports, an inventory tracker and more.We deliver the insights that matter most to you by giving you access to detailed data from our intuitive yet powerful interface. What are you waiting for?

Benefits of Sales Activity Management

Manage Your Sales Activity with mSELL in Just one Click

You run a business, just like we do. And you know that it's time to take your marketing to the next level. With mSELL, your marketing is in the palm of your hand! Our app enables you to create smarter marketing campaigns using the latest technology - all while getting real-time insight into your team's performance. It's time to put the power of marketing at the fingertips of every member of your team. Why you need Sales Activity Management Sales Activity Management helps you keep track of all your sales activities by providing you with a dashboard, calendar, task manager, Easy to use, Keeps track of your sales activities, Helps you plan out your sales meetings, Gives you the ability to close deal faster. SAM helps you automate all of your sales activities so that they happen at maximum efficiency. You'll never have to worry about chasing leads again.SAM helps you do this by freeing up your time, while still tracking everything that's important.

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