mSELL | Sales Force Automation Software

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Attendance & Payroll Management tool to effectively manage your Salesforce

Selfie Based Geotagged Attendance along with Auto Payroll Generation Feature


Hassle free Attendance Monitoring

Very User friendly and easy to comprehend attendance monitoring system for increased productivity

User friendly Salary Generation

Easy and Automated Salary Generation based on your Attendance data

Easy Market Planning

Much Better and precise Market Planning of Fielforce based on daily Active Fieldstaff data

Fast Salary Generation

Salary Slips Generation with just a click of a button. No Delays, Period!

mSELL is loaded with insightful Solutions to help your Field Force perform more effectively, productively and cleverly

  • Geo tagged, Time stamped, Selfie Attendance to take care of complete Salesman productivity
  • Complete Leave Approval process with multiple options
  • It has Multiple Reporting duty options
  • Reports and Dashboard for overall Analytics
  • Geofenced Attendance option to take care of beats
  • Automatic Payroll/ Salary slip generation with employee access

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