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Distributor Management solution for upscaling the Distributors

Production Planning, the biggest pain point of a distributor is a child's play after mSELL's DMS


Product Expiry Check

Ensures no product expiry due to real time order info and FIFO stock management

Production Planning

Accurate pre Production PLannning by the companies due to real time order data and stock status

Easy Claims

Hassle Free and Automated Claims settlement for the Distributor

Demand Order Status

Check the status of the order put by the retailer in real time and can plan accordingly

mSELL is loaded with insightful Solutions to help your Field Force perform more effectively, productively and cleverly

  • Takes care of complete Stock management. Allows real time inventory updation
  • It allows retailer invoicing along with item manipulation
  • Easy management of Saleable and Non-Saleable Stock returns from retailers
  • Hassle free Debit/Credit Note generation
  • Multi modular architecture with Mobile app and Web Dashboard
  • It helps in generating GSTR bills and invoicing
  • It takes care of things like Stock dispatch slip, Schemes and Discounts and the most important Claims Settlement and management

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