mSELL | Sales Force Automation Software

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Retailer Management solution for smarter salesforce

Automate real time orders and returns - eliminate manual bottlenecks


Accurate Market Penetration Info

Organization can calculate their Acurate Market Penetration due to real time Outlet creation Info

Direct Communication

Enhanced and Better Communication between Retailer and Company

Easy Data Transfer

Seamless Data Transfer of Outlets and their Product Arsenal

Easy Route Management

Geo based Route management to streamline route effectively based on beats

mSELL is loaded with insightful Solutions to help your Field Force perform more effectively, productively and cleverly

  • Geo tagged and Image based Retailers’ creation
  • Better fulfillment because of Direct Communication with the Brands
  • Smooth handling of BTL activities like Brand promotion, exhibitions, free sampling, Brand announcements etc
  • It takes care of your Retailers’ previous Sales history for you to analyze
  • Reports and Analytics for better productivity with easy data visualizations

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