mSELL | Sales Force Automation Software

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Sales Activities Management solution to keep the tasks on toes

All accurate and real time market info for better results


Market Analysis

Real time complete Market Analysis.Reduces time and work load and increases productivity

Customer Survey Info

Real time Customer Survey Info to cross check and manage data

Market Survey

Many survey options like New product launch, product price intelligence, feedbacks, prospecting and many more.

Digital Follow up

Follow up of all activities digitally creates a sense of digital supremacy and keeps in check the sales staff

mSELL is loaded with insightful Solutions to help your Field Force perform more effectively, productively and cleverly

  • Easily manage your meetings through Team meetings management feature
  • It takes care of New Distributor making effortlessly
  • Hassle free Complete Distributor claims settlement process handling
  • Daily comments for better reporting
  • Slot based Marketing reports filling for better productivity

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