mSELL | Sales Force Automation Software

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Stock Dispatch management solution for your logistics pain points

Automate and manage your orders and their logistics and reverse logistics seamlessly


Real time Order Info

Synchronous Order info of Retailers to Distributers for better handling and planning

Logistics Management

Easy Logistics Management based on Route planning and Geo tagging

Reverse Logistics Support

Easy Stock return tracking to support and enhance reverse logistics.

Timely delivery

Ensures timely delivery because of accurate pre planning and logistics control

mSELL is loaded with insightful Solutions to help your Field Force perform more effectively, productively and cleverly

  • It has the facility of Dispatch slip Management
  • Equipped with Load sheet, payment collection and reports generation feature integrated with QR/Bar code scanning feature
  • It takes care of issuing and managing Gate pass
  • Integrated with Route Guide and Payment Collection Features
  • The Delivery Boy will be assisted by the app throughout the Delivery procedure
  • Reports and analysis Dashboard

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