Attendance and Leave Management Solution

Happy employees make organisations win. Create warm relationships with your team with mSELL.
Enhance customers' engagement with institutions. Empower the workforce with automated attendance and leave management with mSELL.

Effortless Attendance Tracker

    Install an automated attendance tracker to minimise the manual efforts and errors. mSELL user-friendly interface helps the team to use the software each day without trouble. Set recording & monitoring of employee’s attendance with ease.

Automated Leave Requests

No more waiting in a queue. Apply for leave requests with the automated processes. Ensure a smooth and error-free leave approval system. Enhance the quality of employee interactions and save time for staff & management.

Real-time Attendance Analytics

Get easy access to real-time insights of employee attendance performance. Gain analytics to make data-based decisions and make sure no baised favour is done. Optimise the workforce and adapt to the market demand.

Customizable Leave Policies

Start custom leave policies to match your organisation's specific requirements. Make your company policies flexible and ensure that they align with the employee's needs as well as company culture to make a progressive environment.

Intuitive Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees with mSELL self-service platform. Let them manage their leaves as well as enhance communication and engagement. Boost the staff productivity with a user-friendly tool for holiday management.

Compliance and Reporting Tools

Use mSELL built-in tools for effortless compliance processes. Create professional report-cards for each employee which show the true records of leave & attendance audits. Simplify the reporting and analytics with a user-friendly system by mSELL.

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