mSELL Sales Activity Management Solution

"Make your company a customer attraction workspace. Let the mSELL solution manage all operations and Win 2X customers each day."
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Why Choose mSELL Sales Activity
Management Solution for Your Company?

Dynamic Tasks Scheduling
Set custom task scheduling and alert systems to enhance your workflow. Get collaborative notification to boost the sales team's response time and customer relation efficiency. Plan each stage efficiently to organise sales activities, follow-ups, customer interactions, and meetings. .
Lead and Opportunity Tracking
Track all sales force activities from seed to final deal closure. Get a clear vision of sales activities, weaknesses & opportunities, identify trends, create strategies, and analyse performance. Never miss another sales due to missed tracking management
Activity Performance Analytics
Access to centralised platforms for effective communication within the sales team. Get insights into high-value activities, team performance, distribution channel process, new registrations, and seamless order management. Utilise customised and data-driven analytics to measure success rates.
Automated Communication Logs
Get access to automatically logged emails, calls, meetings, and customer interactions. Use the data to find new insights into the sales process, prevent missed opportunities, and design dynamic training programs which improve overall performance. Use cloud-based storage to secure your data and history in communication logs.
Collaborative Team Workspaces
Create collaborative work spaces for your individual sales teams. Optimised company's workflow with shared sales activities, insights, alerts, notification, support calls, and coordinated efforts to get optimum results. Enable each team member to gain access to the team sales insights.
Customizable Sales Workflows
Integrate CRM features to personalise sales flow. Design and develop a customised sales workflow to manage all important tasks including lead generation, pitch, and follow-up along with developing stronger client-management relationships. Grow your business with the changing needs, supporting scalability, and enhance effectiveness in managing sales activities.

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